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JavaScript Compressor and Comparison Utility.

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As rich web applications are being built with larger JavaScript code bases, the need for JavaScript compression to keep bandwidth and page load times as small as possible is becoming more important for faster load times and more enjoyable user experiences.

Which JavaScript Compressor is the best? That can be a tough question to answer and in many cases it depends on your application. This tool can compress Javascript with several of the most popular JavaScript compressors, simultaneously and show you a detailed visual analysis of the results.

There are many tools available that can help you compress your JavaScript code but it can be time consuming and difficult to analyze which tool works the best for a given situation. This web application shows aggregated statistics on the general level of compression in all these tools, and allows developers to easily play with and compare the different tools on their own JavaScript code without having to set up all the tools on their own.

The following tools are compared, both with and without the affects of additional gzip compression that are supported natively by modern web browsers.

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NOTE: Large JavaScript files can take a long time to process. Please be patient!

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The CompressorRater has taken a significant amount of time to develop, all of which I do in my spare time and none of which I get paid for. If you would you like to support making this a better tool, donate today!